3 Simple Tips for Picking Your Niche

3 Simple Tips for Picking Your Niche

What is a Niche?

It is important to understand what a niche is before you start your online business (or blog).

A niche is a market or sub-sector of a market that can be defined and targeted.

For example, the dog market is not a niche because it is way too broad. On the other hand, “How to train your dog to stop barking” is a niche. It is defined and can be easily targeted.

What Should I Look For?

When deciding on a niche or topic, there are a few things that you will need to look for. First, you will want to pick a topic that has plenty of demand. In addition, it makes sense that it would be something your interested in.

Pick wisely, because you will be creating content and promoting about this topic often!

You can get a good idea of demand by doing some keyword research. You are looking for enough interest in your topic to get plenty of traffic to your website.

Scroll a little further down for some suggested tools for keyword research.


The first step of niche site creation is to determine what your niche is going to be. Don’t overthink this. This isn’t something that comes immediately to most people.

After all, how do you figure out a niche that isn’t overdone and is something that you and other people are interested in?

Tip #1 – List 10 possible niche topics

The first tip takes some time but is one of the best tips anyone could give and definitely the first step of discovering how to find your niche. Sit down and start thinking about things that are interesting to you.

pick your nicheMaybe you’ve always wanted to create a site dedicated to women’s fashion or one about organic foods. Maybe you love cats, are a fan of anime cartoons, or you love babies. But how can you narrow down these broad topics into a more niche topic?

As you come up with ideas that sound appealing to you, write them down on a sheet of paper. If you come up with more than 10 possible answers, that’s OK–the more ideas you have, the better. When you feel like you don’t have any more ideas in your head, move on to tip #2.

Tip #2 – Use Google or Jaaxy

You want to see what people are searching for on the internet, and how popular your niche site could potentially become. Take that list of possible topics and one by one, plug those into the search engine.

Googlis a great starting place purely because it receives the most traffic in search engine terms. At the top or bottom of the page, you’ll see how many results came up for that topic. Write the numbers down on your sheet of paper, next to the topics. Easy peasy!

If you want to do more comprehensive research, use the Jaaxy keyword research tool. It’s made specifically to give you insight on how much traffic the keyword/ niche gets; including competition and rankings. This tool is an excellent way to really dig deep for ideas. It gives you an overview of what people search for in your chosen niche.

Tip #3 – Pick your keywords and create relevant content

A very important part of discovering how to find your niche is thinking hard about the possible keywords. You want to pick something that isn’t going to be difficult to come up with content for.

You want to create content relevant to your topic so that people will want to come back to your site often. If you pick a keyword that you simply cannot come up with content for, the site is going to fail because people won’t want to read content that is dull, uninspired and often irrelevant.

Once you’ve gone through all the keywords, see which one has a QSR (quoted search results) under 100. That is the one you want to use.


Because you don’t want to pick a keyword that is overused.

Competition is fierce since everyone is fighting for the same keyword. This only hurts your chances of building a successful niche site.

If you start with a keyword that has an average number of competitors, you have a way better chance of building a successful niche site and getting ranked by Google faster.

By now, you should have a niche and some keywords that can give you great ideas for content. Congrats! That’s the ideal situation and you have figured out how to find your niche.

Jaaxy also offers comprehensive niche and keyword research tools to help you create relevant content that gets ranked in Google. So go ahead…click here to get started for free!



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