How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog- Yes It’s Possible

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog- Yes It’s Possible

Passive income or making money online is fast becoming a major part of the business niche. Stay at home moms, students, and even seasoned business owners find various ways to benefit from an online business. To some, it is a side hustle, while to others it is a full-time job.

Among the numerous ways to make money online, Pinterest has emerged as a gold mine. Now, you may be wondering just how Pinterest can be a source of income. As far as you know, the only folks that make money on Pinterest are those with blogs or a website.

Thankfully, that is untrue.

Yes, most people only use the application to follow trends or get information on almost anything you can think of. So, it makes sense that bloggers should be the only ones getting paid. However, the online world is not so rigid or predictable. How does Pinterest play any role in earning a few dollars every now and then without a blog?

Well, let’s find out!

1. Affiliate Marketing

Some people have heard of affiliate marketing, but what does it really mean? In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is referring someone to a product and getting a commission when the person purchases the product. Let’s be more elaborate with this example.

Consider if you had a website or blog and you sometimes share links to other sites or to products. If someone were to click on that link from your site and find the product interesting, they would be inclined to pay for it. When this happens the company or website pays you a small percentage for giving them a paying customer.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Most companies offer an affiliate program on their website. You can find this prompt at the bottom of the homepage or search directly from Google. When you sign up for the affiliate program you will be given a unique link to promote the products. Place this link before the right audience and some people will purchase the product. The company recognizes that this purchase or client used your link. They then pay the stated commission on their program. These commissions usually range from 3% to a generous 50%!

How does Affiliate marketing work with Pinterest?

STEP 1- The first step is to create a Pinterest account or rather have a presence online. Set up a business account or profile on the application and move on to the next step.

STEP 2- You would need to make a list of products that a broad audience can be interested in. Search the websites of the companies that own these products for affiliate programs. Register or apply for the programs. When your application is approved, you would get your unique link.

STEP 3- Now, you have reached the fun part mixed with some dedicated hard work. Create pins and insert your unique link. To do this you would need a graphic design tool such as Canva. This tool is free and it comes with all you need to create an attractive image. Get to work and unleash your creativity using Canva. Remember that the image must be eye-catching and related to the product. Use the ‘blog graphic’ prompt to get the ideal dimensions for Pinterest. When you have your image/pin ready, the other steps are a walk in the park.

STEP 4- Pin! Pin! Pin!

Upload your created pin to your board, including the image, and paste your unique link in the ‘destination URL’ box. After this, you can choose the boards to pin the image to and save. View the pin and edit the title. Make sure you use keywords and catchy phrases for the description of the post. Most importantly, make sure you activate a Pinterest business account for the extra features!

STEP 5- Tailwind.

Making money online with Pinterest doesn’t end with step 4 above. You have to join Group boards and spread the pin. Doing this manually may not work out well for several reasons. You may have a busy schedule and have no time to be consistent with spreading pins. It is also easier to lose track of your game plan and pins you have posted when working manually.

The best tool to use is Tailwind. This is my secret weapon to killing it on Pinterest. Tailwind is a scheduling tool recommended by Pinterest and Instagram. It helps you reach a larger audience and informs you when they are online. Tailwind saves time on uploads and pins, provides analytics and insights on your progress, and is affordable. It is a paid tool but equally comes with a free trial. Try it today by clicking here, you have nothing to lose!

In summary, Tailwind is a game changer and makes things a WHOLE lot easier! It’s also compatible with Instagram as well!

Using these steps, you can make a substantial income from affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Of course, it would take a little time and good effort on your part.

2. Promoting Blog Posts

Some bloggers or website owners offer Affiliate programs on their blog posts. You don’t have to own the blog to do this. Link engaging pins to blog posts that you have affiliate links with and get a commission when people click the link to buy products or read the posts. It also serves as a source of free blog traffic for the site.

3. Sell Physical or Digital Products

If you have a physical shop, you can promote the products on Pinterest and make more money. Edit the images to the specification of Pinterest and place links to direct an audience to your product page.

4. Market your services

Pinterest is a great place to market your services because it offers a large audience. Create pins that describe what you offer and include links that lead to a website or testimonials. Ensure that your contact information is also available on the link’s destination for potential clients to contact you.

Having a blog is only one of the numerous ways to make money on Pinterest. The application provides several tools for business minded people to earn successfully. Pinterest is more Use Pinterest just as you would use Facebook, Instagram or any social media platform for business.



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