Personal Shopping: A Fun Job That’s Also a Business

Personal Shopping: A Fun Job That’s Also a Business

Several people all over the world wish their job was more fun. There’s nothing better than waking up each morning to prepare for a job that you love and that guarantees a full, fun day. The thing is, there are not many fun jobs out there- except, personal shopping!

The awesome part is that you -who is willing to think outside the box– can make a business out of something unique, fun and lucrative!

It’s All About Fun…and Research.

I stumbled upon this profession as a potential candidate for a personal assistant job. I had the experience and the know-how since I worked in retail merchandising, and as a personal assistant to a beauty pioneer.

As I was between jobs, I analyzed my resume and my skill set and felt this path would be great to get into. I wanted to know more about this glamorous opportunity to make money. Can you blame me?

Running errands? ✔

Make schedules? ✔

Organized? ✔

Dealing with demanding people? ✔ sigh.

Shopping?? ✔✔

Then, I switched gears.

I ended up going more into the retail management field instead. However, I learned so much about becoming a personal shopper, that I wanted to share with you!

Personal shopping is an exciting job that has recently surfaced and is gaining more popularity by the day. A personal shopper is someone who shops or runs errands for clients that are either too busy or unable to do so for themselves. It is also a potentially lucrative home- based business opportunity with many benefits!

If you love to shop and you can run a few errands for a fee, then, personal shopping is the right business for you.

Types of Personal Shopping

There are several types of personal shopping. However, the most common ones are shopping for clothes and accessories. This entails becoming more of a personal stylist for clients. Here are other types of personal shopping

• Grocery shopping for busy families and seniors

• Shopping for gifts for companies to present to their customers

• Shopping for furniture and designer clothing

• Gifts shopping for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, baby showers, wedding, graduations, and much more.

• Personal shopping for boutiques and stores

• Preparing gift bags

What you need to become a personal shopper

Generally, there’s no special educational requirement for becoming a personal shopper. You need the desire or passion for shopping and then some people skills. Everything else depends on the type of personal shopping you would like to do.

If you are going to be a personal stylist or a personal shopper for clothes and jewelry, then, you must be stylish. Your clients would expect that you know a lot about style and how to match a person’s personality with the choice of clothes and jewelry. Of course, this also includes dressing the part. No one would want to hire the services of someone who dresses like they don’t care about their appearance.

For other services like grocery and gift shopping, you would need a good nose for quality, creative thinking, and effective bargaining skills. Communication skills are also a vital part of personal shopping. You would encounter various clients with diverse personalities and effective communication is needed to work with them.

Another important requirement is a catchy name. Choose something that is relatable and likable.

How much do personal shoppers earn?

Statistics from PayScale shows that personal shoppers earn within a range of $19,055 to $50,826 annually. Not too shabby.

Your fees are yours to decide. Some personal shoppers charge by the hour, while others charge a percentage of the cost of items they buy.

Personal shopping is not for wealthy people alone. Anyone can hire a personal shopper, it just depends on each client’s budget.

If you are a personal shopper with your own business, then the amount you can earn is limitless. It all depends on your skills, availability, and how much you want to scale.

The benefits and perks of being a personal shopper

• Fun!!

What beats turning a fun activity into a business? Definitely nothing! One of the top benefits of becoming a personal shopper is that it is a fun job. You can keep a genuine smile on your face even when your client is being difficult.

• Being your own boss equals freedom

The majority of people dream of being their own boss. This means having your set work hours, enjoying the flexibility and a work-life balance. Personal shopping comes with freedom that other jobs do not have. It is entirely rewarding.

• Less startup money

A lot of businesses require a substantial sum to be established. An online business may not need much, but it still needs something. Personal shopping hardly requires any capital to begin. You can start the business with nothing more than presentable clothing.

Even starting a basic website doesn’t cost much money. A website is mandatory for all businesses these days. Not having one can hinder your reach of clients and earning potential.

  • Build rewarding relationships

As a personal shopper, you get to meet different people and build rewarding relationships. Your clients would vary from wealthy to average people. You would also meet clients in various business or jobs. This offers a large network or pool of contacts. Through personal shopping for these individuals, you get to build lasting relationships with them.

Marketing Strategies for Personal Shopping

To be a successful personal shopper you must work with a marketing strategy. Most people do not buy the idea of paying someone to do their shopping for them. Hence, you must be able to convince potential clients of your value. Start by establishing factors like:

• Availability

• Benefits of using a personal shopper

• Where to get discount shopping prices

• Experience in the service you offer

After getting these factors together, it becomes easier to reach your clients. Marketing methods can include:

• Distributing business cards, flyers, or brochures to potential clients

• Promoting your services on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

• Creating a website (Clic here to start one for only $3.95 a month).

• Referral programs from satisfied clients

Who Needs a Personal Shopper?

Everyone could do with someone to do their shopping for them. Target the following groups of people and everyone else.

• Busy moms

• Business people

• Those with a lost sense of fashion

• Those planning for events

• Senior citizens

Do Personal Shoppers Need Insurance?

Yes. Some insurance policies are helpful but not mandatory for personal shoppers.

They include:

• Health insurance

• Liability insurance

• Payment protection insurance

• Workers compensation

• Overhead expense disability insurance

Cons of Personal Shopping Business

There are two sides to everything. Businesses come with their pros and cons alike. Thankfully, the cons of running a personal shopping business are minimal. They can become irrelevant as you work around them. They include the following

• Difficult or picky clients

• During a recession, some customers opt for cutting out their personal shopping expense

• Not enough customers

Where do I start?

I learned a lot from an ebook I purchased from called Become A Personal Shopper. It’s a comprehensive career guide that gives you plenty of resources and shows you how to start a personal shopping business from scratch!

They even have other career guides for professions like book editing, becoming a brewery owner, and even a hair salon owner! Check them out here.

What I love about Fab Job is that they have a division known as IAP Career College, where you can gain certification for your dream career. Obtaining these certifications will certainly make you more competitive in your industry, whether you want to start a business, change careers, start a new career, or a student looking for extra credentials for college! Click here to read more!


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