Blog Income Diary

Watch me grow my blog from the ground up. Go behind the scenes and get EVERY DETAIL, everything that works and doesn’t, all the tools I use, every cent and every dollar I make from all sources, and all the work I did to get the results. My methods for promoting my blog, I am being conpletely vulnerable and exposing the trials and tribulations of creating a profitable blog…from scratch! I have NEVER done this before! Creating a blog is super easy, growing one takes time and investment. We aren’t going to pretend that growing a blog is easy. Join me! Be inspired. Root for me! Let’s do this together! Updated at least twice a month. I will share my goals I’m not going to pretend like I’m an expert in this field because I’m constantly learning and growing and discovering ways to improve. However I’m very passionate about creative expression and living in abundance, so I combined the two to create this blog. Having a blog and social media along with free design tools allow us to do just that!